Letter From A Parent:

"My husband and i found too, we can't always fix things on our own. my son and his younger brother speak very fondly of Sandra, especially when we pass her office. We all had a positive experience and we thank Sandra for what she did for our son and for us." Read the full letter (PDF) here.


Sand tray materials used for self expression and exploration of feelings.

Gestalt Therapy with Children and Teens

Preschool through young adult

The work I do with children and adolescents is based on the premise that children inherently know what they need for their own healing and growth. Younger people tend not to be able to verbalize what they feel or need, yet when given art work such as sand tray scenes, drawing, clay, role playing, puppets, etc. they express themselves, and create meaning from their work. This develops a sense of self-mastery, which allows for feelings of strength and improved self-esteem, while reducing the need to prove oneself, to hide and “act small” or to “act out.”

The activities used are drawn from their particular preferences. Whether they are experiencing depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, peer issues, low self-esteem, or behavior problems, children and teens can work through those issues in a creative way, improving their self-understanding, as well as their relationships with their families.

Work with younger people often involves family and/or parenting sessions. The specific work of the child/teen is not disclosed, but general themes, worries, and concerns are addressed so family members are informed as a part of the healing process.