Family Therapy

Family therapy creates a safe space for:

  • Building trust and openness
  • Acknowledging needs for reassurance and support
  • Honestly expressing feelings and opinions
  • Compassionately negotiating different needs
  • Creating change through warmth in relating
  • Clarifying boundaries so adult responsibilities are clearly delineated from child and teen responsibilities
  • Acknowledging and building on family strengths
  • Sharing joy, humor, and fun

Family therapy supports a deeper connection among family members, including parents and children, brothers and sisters, and other significant relationships. This is especially important when experiencing stressful circumstances such as illness, addictions, conflicts, divorce, depression, death, remarriage, and child and teen behavior problems.

Therapy helps family members:

  • understand what is being done well as a family and how to use these skills more effectively
  • learn how respond to one another’s needs
  • attend to family requiring more attention and support
  • understand one another and work together as a family

Working together helps resolve problems for various family members. When one person in a family is hurting, it has a domino effect, impacting everyone in the family. Therefore, it is important for everyone to be a part of the solution. Family members can work proactively to support the change that is needed in everyone for optimal functioning.

Sessions are often brief and change occurs after a few visits. There is a renewed feeling of connection that comes from learning more about one another, and developing a sense of how to support each other.

“We are born in relationship.
We grow in relationship.
We are wounded in relationship.
We are healed in relationship.”
~Harville Hendrix