Imago Couple’s Workshops

"Getting The Love You Want"

  • Forever change the way you look at your self, your partner, and your relationship
  • Re-energize and build a new sense of connection and hope in your relationship
  • Understand how to use your relationship for healing and mutual fulfillment
  • Learn to communicate with compassion and respect

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Imago Couple’s Therapy

  • Improve communication
  • Deepen connection and understanding
  • Learn to use relationship issues for growth and healing
  • Restore passion, intimacy, and joy
  • Transition through life changes
  • Resolve family stress
  • Re-establish trust

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Individual Therapy & Workshops

  • Guidance to grow and deepen in one’s self
  • Opening to connection, relationship, inner peace, and joy
  • Resolving depression, anxiety, and relationship issue
  • Support in the midst of a crisis
  • Creating a life that is satisfying and alive
  • Learning to create and sustain a committed relationship

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Child, Teen & Family Therapy

  • Gives children a sense of mastery, strength, and improved self-esteem
  • Nurtures and supports parental discipline
  • Offers encouragement and growth for all family members
  • Improves communication, problem solving, and enhances a sense of connection to one another
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What Participants Say About the Imago Couple’s Workshop:

“The workshop was enlightening in ways I couldn’t imagine. I wish we could have experienced it earlier in our 42 year marriage. I expect it will make a difference for us and even help with other relationships” - Sandy D

“I feel like I have been marinating in love, wisdom, and support for 48 hours” - Barb T.

“Very beneficial and productive workshop- solid tools and exercises. Feeling hopeful and happy in my relationship” - Anonymous.

“ I believe my wife and I both developed an appreciation and empathy for each other that we did not even have after 40 plus years of marriage” - Jim D.

“This process is so powerful everyone should have the opportunity” - K.G.

“We learned powerful tools to use in daily life to make our marriage stronger” - Jeri